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positive reinforcement dog training


Family Dog Training offers personalized behavior consultations in the San Francisco Peninsula area. We work with any and all breeds, and specialize in the use of positive reinforcement, clicker training, and guiding baby puppy owners through the many challenges of puppyhood. We also train dogs dealing with separation anxiety, aggression, and fear. The goal of Family Dog Training is to help dogs and their families have the best possible relationship, both within the family unit and within the community-at-large. We use positive techniques based in science to help dogs and families learn how to work together, be happy, and enjoy each other’s company. Toys, treats, games, and praise are among the positive tools that keep dogs motivated and training fun for the whole family. 



Sessions begin with an initial consultation. Private sessions include teaching you and your puppy to form a relationship and bond that will last for years, as well as how to prevent your puppy from practicing undesired behaviors, train basic obedience cues, and how to socialize your puppy in a variety of environments to prevent future behavior issues. 

  • Initial Consultation $165

  • One hour private puppy session $120

  • Four hour package and initial consultation $600

Sessions begin with an initial consultation. Behavior consultations include teaching you how to prevent your dog from practicing undesired behaviors, changing his/her emotional reaction to triggers, and teaching alternative behaviors that you want your dog to do instead.

  • Initial Consultation $175

  • One hour behavior consultation $150

  • Four hour package and initial consultation $725



Download Intake Form and email back to Then download and print our Contract for Services and Confidentiality Form to have ready during the Consultation in addition to your dog's most recent vaccination records. 

Payment at time of service.



To schedule your initial consultation or inquire further about our services, contact us at After we have discussed your dog's specific issues and set up an Initial Consultation date and time, please submit the intake form and complete payment through the links below.

"Training will increase your enjoyment of owning a dog and lead to greater understanding between the two of you."

-John Rogerson

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